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Current Goal:
  • Reach 75% max-level roster.
  • Status: 0%
Game News

Divinity is an all-around community based in Rift: Realms of Telara. We will later expand to Guild Wars 2 upon release in late 2011.

Endgame, we have two goals:
  1. PvP Domination
  2. PvE Presence
Put bluntly, we want to have a team everywhere, at any time. However, that's a short while a way. At the moment, our primary focus is To achieve at least 75% max-level roster. This means that we're doing all we can to help each other level, whether it be partying up for Epic Quests, Instances, or Arranged PvP (wins give quite the experience!). Artifacts are constantly flying through the mail within the guild, as is BoE gear from quests.

So far, no rules have been established, and I don't plan to establish any. I expect everyone to be mature and have fun. Anyone that's clearly standing out as detrimental to the guild will be dealt with.

Join up and have some fun! Put in an application on the site and I will always approve you. An email will be sent to my phone, and if I'm not at my computer, I'll contact one of our great officers to add you to the guild!

Happy gaming!

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Currently recruiting all players! Experienced players can join to participate in gear Raids, arranged PvP, and to help new players. New players are welcome to get help, and become a pro!
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